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It is simple; we are different.  Glenbow College was founded by professional educators with doctoral and master’s degrees who are well recognized in their field of studies. We provide quality education, deliver unmatched support services, and offer new beginnings & endless learning opportunities with our international network. We take a personalized, holistic approach because we believe that every student is unique and deserves the best education. We know that only when your educational needs are truly interconnected and synchronized with your background and previous education, can you be sure you’re getting the most out of your money and getting the right education for you. On your educational journey, you are not alone. Our diverse and talented staff in all aspects of education are along for the ride. This sets us apart from others, as we thrive to provide:

  • Education and Expertise that amalgamates knowledge with industry experience.
  • Quality education from subject matter experts with course curriculums reflecting current market demand
  • Student support that is tailored towards your needs, expectations and personality.
  • Network that extends beyond Canada, increasing your job opportunity and life experience.

About GC

About Glenbow College Glenbow College is established with the vision to provide the latest and greatest knowledge to its students ...
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Programs Glenbow College offers full-time certificate and diploma courses that lasts from 20 weeks to 49 weeks. Focus area of ...
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Prospective International Students

Admission Requirements Admission to Glenbow College programs requires prospective students to follow a formal application procedure. Admission is based upon ...
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Current International Students

Tuition Collection and Refund Policy Glenbow College is regulated by Private Vocational Training regulation of Alberta. The College expects students ...
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Work with PIPA

Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA ) is consent based and allows organizations to collect personal information for reasonable purposes. Under ...
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